Terms and conditions of use of My Health My Communication resources and website.

One of the benefits of being part of the Health My Communication (MHMC) project is that you can use our resources and materials and our project’s brand to support people with a disability to share or create important information in easy read and picture formats.

To ensure consistency with our brand, please follow our terms and conditions for use of the MHMC logo and resources.

  • The material published on the MHMC website is intended for general information, this is not legal, medical or other professional advice,
  • Whilst effort is undertaken to provide the currency and accuracy of information distributed by the project (including references to various literature and opinions of people with disabilities) this material does not necessarily represent the views of the MHMC project or of its project consortium of DARE Disability Support and Nepean Blue Mountains Local Health District,
  • MHMC materials are uncontrolled as at the time of print.

Endorsement logo terms & conditions:

  • The resources provided by the MHMC project are version controlled whereby the current version can be found on the website at myhealthmycommunication.com.au
  • The resource is provided in PDF format. On downloading a MHMC resource you agree to the following:
    • Your service may only insert its logo and contact details in areas that are allocated for this purpose in the document,
    • Your service must not alter any content that is within the document with the exception of form fields that allow your information to be added,
    • In adding your information or details to the MHMC templates you agree that this information belongs to you or your participant and will not incur reputational or other damages toward the project through your actions,
    • Your service is liable and shall indemnify MHMC and DARE Disability Support should any misrepresentations willful or otherwise of any act that misrepresents the MHMC project in the editing and addition of your information to MHMC materials, in particular those that contravene:
      • The aims, goals and objectives of the project,
      • Australian laws,
      • Infringe upon the rights of persons with disability, or
      • Incur a loss of reputation or other damages.
    • The resource is recognised as the intellectual property of the My Health My Communication project and as such is protected under copyright law,
    • The MHMC logo will not be removed from materials and resources,
    • Should your service wish to print these resources the current version of the document will be accessed for this purpose within the My Health My Communication website.
  • The MHMC logo will be used solely for the purpose of identifying your organisation as being part of the My Health My Communication project.
  • MHMC materials will not appear on websites or other marketing material that belong to organisations which are not part of the MHMC project,
  • The MHMC logo will always stand alone and will not be combined with any other graphical elements or be altered in any manner including its proportions, font, design, arrangement, colours or elements, or animated, morphed or otherwise distorted in perspective or appearance,
  • The project’s materials and logo will be displayed in a positive manner and will not be used in any way that adversely affects the MHMC project or DARE Disability Support or Nepean Blue Mountains Local Health District as a subsidiary of NSW Health,
  • You will not transfer, assign, sell, reproduce, or distribute our logo or materials.

Contact: Kathryn Woods – My Health My Communication Project Manager, DARE Disability Support.

Email: kwoods@daredisability.org.au | Mobile: 0419 431 223 | Address: 57 Lawson Rd, Springwood, NSW, 2777