Despite the ongoing challenges of COVID-19, we continue to push ahead with this important My Health My Communication project. Below is a project update and an invitation to join us.

Where are we up to?

Over the past few months, the team have been evaluating the data we have collected from our interviews, surveys, and focus groups. This data has told us there are 4 common problems with communication and these are the key areas that we will be focusing on moving forward.

We first need to understand a little more about these problems before we move on to the next phase of the project. This is where our participants come in! We’ll be asking for further feedback from participants so keep reading for further information.

How are we engaging with people?

Given the continuing restrictions and lockdowns, we are using different ways of reaching out to people using online methods such as Zoom meetings as well as via phone and email. We are also continuing to build on our social media and keeping people up to date with newsletters, email updates and updates via this website.

What is next?

We’ve also been busily working behind the scenes on updates to the project website. Over the coming months, the website will see some great changes with the set up of a members area where everyone can have access to a range of free resources and tools. This will form part of the Solutions phase of the project where we will be developing these resources and tools and testing these out with participants.

We’ll need participants help at this stage too so that we can share our ideas and test out some of the resources and tools. Further details will be available very soon!

Join us on Zoom!

Are you a person with intellectual disability, a carer or a support worker? If so, we’d love for you to join us.

Group sessions will soon be available to gain some further feedback from participants about the 4 key problems that have been identified (and a good way to catch up for a chat!). The sessions will be online via Zoom and will run for about an hour. We can also do it over the phone if that’s preferable.

If you’re interested in joining us, contact us here, send us a message via Facebook or phone/text 0419 431 223.

Your help can really make a difference and we appreciate your feedback.
Video chat on computer

Keep up to date!

To connect and keep in contact, be sure to follow us on Facebook. You can also find our newsletters and other updates here on our website. If you are not already on our email list, complete the form here to join.

We thank everyone for the ongoing support of the project, your time is very much appreciated.

Stay safe and well.

The My Health Team