The project is pleased to provide the first update for 2022.

As the project ticks along behind the scenes, COVID-19 has certainly been an ongoing challenge to us all, particularly to our partners in health. Lockdown, restrictions, Omicron and things changing, almost daily, how can anyone keep up!

A big shout out to all healthcare workers for working tirelessly to keep our community safe in such uncertain times.

Project Update

The project has been slightly delayed due to COVID-19, however now that restrictions are starting to ease, the project is ready to re-engage with stakeholders and turn ideas into reality!

Solutions design continues with the final solutions workshops to be scheduled over the coming weeks. Following the workshops, the next steps are to:

✓ Prioritise the ideas generated from workshops
✓ Agree on the most effective and impactful solutions
✓ Design these solutions
✓ Test with all stakeholders

It is anticipated that these next steps will take us through the next few months with the implementation planning to also commence during this time.

The project is excited to share the solutions with you once these are finalised.

Turn Ideas Into Reality

Phases of the project

You may have read in previous updates and newsletters, reference to different phases of the project. That is because the project is following the clinical redesign methodology.


Here’s a little more information below:

THE MODEL – Redesign offers an evidence based framework for innovation and a large suite of tools to ensure initiatives deliver better care, have strong sponsorship, are sustainable and integrated within the system.

IMPROVING TOGETHER – Redesign is a collaboration journey, bringing people together to deliver outstanding healthcare. Involving the end consumer in the process is critical to achieve better value care.

OPEN MINDSET – Redesign promotes an enquiring and respectful approach, where innovation is practiced with empathy, transparency and the willingness to truly understand the best ways to make a real difference.

Click here to read fact sheets.

Clinical redesign methodology

Nepean Hospital Redevelopment

Have you seen the new 14-storey Nepean Hospital Tower?

The new hospital tower features six floors of in patient bedrooms, additional operating theatres and birthing rooms, expanded neonatal services and Emergency Department, and state-of-the-art medical equipment. It has been designed with hospital staff and the community.

The new tower is expected to open from mid 2022.

Read more here.

Disability Consumer Council

Our friends at Nepean Blue Mountains Local Health District have recently launched the Disability Consumer Council.

Members of the Disability Consumer Council will help to develop the NBMLHD Disability Inclusion Action Plan, foster inclusive care and awareness of disability supports, and most importantly, represent the interests and needs of people with disability, their families and carers with regards to health care.

Read more here.

Get involved and keep up to date!

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You can get involved at any point along the way. Even if you just want to be included in project updates, we’d love to hear from you!

Thank you for your ongoing support of the project.

Wishing you a Happy Easter! Let’s hope this rain finally goes away.

Stay safe and well.

The My Health Team