Project Update July 2023

Keeping people with disability safe in hospital

The team are working closely with our local hospitals to ensure a smooth process for when a toolkit is presented to staff at hospital.

A trial has been conducted with the medical records team at Nepean Hospital for uploading a scanned copy of a patient’s Health Information Handover Form into their electronic record. The trial was a success!

This will be incorporated into staff procedures and will be accessible as an additional tool to support staff.

1500 toolkits for distribution!

Two years following the initial launch, the project released the toolkit for ‘Getting My Health Information Ready for Hospital’ in December 2022.

The project has 1500 physical toolkits available for distribution, with over half of these toolkits already distributed to disability service providers and individuals across the local community.

The tools are also available to download for free here and people can build their own toolkits.

With the project coming to an end in September this year, the team are currently working to distribute the remaining kits within the region.

The response has been extremely positive so far, with providers already requesting more kits.

Make sure you grab some toolkits before they’re all gone!

My health information toolkit
Participant supporting the toolkit

I think it’s a great help for people who can’t talk or have anxiety when they go to hospital

– Josh S.

Supporting communication

The project is committed to supporting communication for people with disability.

These tools will:

  • Enable people with disability to be more involved in their care
  • Assist people to communicate their needs in an accessible format
  • Improve communication between staff and person
  • Communicate consistent information between multiple staff
  • Improve the person’s hospital experience and outcomes

Download this update as a PDF.

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