What will happen in my home if I get COVID-19?

This easy read tool tells you all the things that may happen in your home and things that may change and how your support person will support you.

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If you have a test that shows that you have the COVID-19 virus, we have a plan to keep you and everyone you live with safe.

You and the people who live with you will need to stay at home until the virus is gone. The best place for you during this time is in your bedroom.

No one will be allowed to come into the house without permission.

Your support person may also need to go home until their doctor is sure they do not have the virus.

Your information will be given to your support person and healthcare staff to make sure you are well supported.

The people who support you must wear Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) so that they can stay safe from getting the virus and prevent it from spreading to other people.

The mask stops the virus going into a person’s mouth and nose, the gloves and apron stop the virus getting on the persons hands and body, and the goggles or a face shield protects their eyes.

There will be different people coming into your house to support you and the people you live with.

To keep support staff safe they will have a space outside the house to change their PPE, take a break, and to go to the toilet.

You will not be allowed to go into this area.

We are making sure there is food ready for you and we are buying and storing things like PPE and cleaning supplies.

Some things that will change in your home are:

Your support person will check your temperature and oxygen levels a few times each day.

No cooking, your support person can’t cook whilst they are wearing PPE.

Your support person will bring your food, drink and medicine to you. You can have these in your bedroom.

Food can be warmed up in the microwave.

The kettle and toaster can also be used to make hot drinks and food.

These are IMPORTANT things.

You and everyone in your house need to do these things to stop the virus from spreading.

Support staff will do more cleaning and will use disinfectants to kill the virus.

People are worried about COVID-19.

If you are worried you can talk to us anytime and we will listen.

Download this easy read tool as a PDF.

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