What is the Coronavirus / COVID-19?

This easy read tool tells you all about the Coronavirus / COVID-19.

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The Coronavirus / COVID-19 has affected many people around the world and is spreading very quickly.

The virus is making some people very sick and they are going to hospital.

Some people get so sick that they die from the virus.

People are scared.

If a person has the virus and they touch you, sneeze on you, or get too close when they talk to you, the virus can fly through the air and into your mouth, nose or eyes making you also get the virus.

A person who has the virus can easily spread it because it can fly through the air and stick to other things.

It can stay alive on some things for a very long time.

You can get the virus if you touch something that has the virus living on it.

These things will keep you safe.

Let’s fight this virus together.

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