What happens if I get sick from COVID-19?

This easy read tool tells you what you need to do if you get sick and things that may happen in your home.

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If you get the COVID-19 virus you must stay home.

The best place to stay is in your bedroom away from other people.

Your support person will bring your food and drinks to you in your bedroom.

Easy read tool about What happens if I get sick from COVID-19

Your medicine will also be brought to your bedroom and staff will support you with all
other personal support needs.

These are IMPORTANT things.

You and everyone in your house need to do these things to stop the virus from spreading.

We know that our bodies change when we are getting sick.

Vital signs tell us how well your body is working.

A thermometer and oximeter will be used to tell if your vital signs are good or if something is wrong.

The thermometer tells us how hot or cold you are, this should be 36-37° C.

If you are too hot (over 37.4° C) this vital sign says that something is wrong.

The oximeter tells us if your body is getting enough air. It should read from 95 to 100%. If the oximeter says 94% or lower your body is not getting enough air.

The oximeter also tells us how well your heart is working. A normal heart beat is around 60 to 100 beats every minute.

Easy read tool about What will happen in my home if I get COVID-19

Your support person will look at you more often, checking your skin colour, and will watch your chest to see if your breathing changes.

Your support person will look in to see that you are OK while you are sleeping and check your vital signs.

Your support person will ask you how you feel to check if you feel dizzy.

Your support person will support you to talk to your doctor on the phone.

If your support person sees a problem with your vital signs, the doctor or an ambulance will be called straight away.

Your support person will make sure your important information is ready to give to people at the hospital.

Your support person will call your doctor and the hospital to make sure you are getting the support you need in the hospital.

If you are worried and want to talk to someone, you can talk to your support person or other people in your home.


You can also contact Beyond Blue or Lifeline:

Beyond Blue: 1300 22 4636

Lifeline: 13 11 14

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